Advantages of Dentist-Fitted Teeth Whitening Bleach Trays

Advantages of Dentist-Fitted Teeth Whitening Bleach Trays

The amount of do-it-yourself teeth whitening products on the market is proof that modern society expects nothing less than pearly white perfection from you and every one else on the planet. Grocery stores and drug stores attempt to entice you to pull out your pocketbook with quick-fix teeth whitening strips and trays. Mall vendors try to talk you into having expensive, on-the-fly tooth whitening treatments performed by non-industry dentistry amateurs in non-sterile settings. On the other hand, our Baton Rouge dentistry practice is highly skilled at utilizing the board-certified skills of Dr. Daly and Dr. Uzee to custom-fit you with professional-grade trays that are more effective than their over-the-counter competition.

How Our Baton Rouge Dentistry Office Prepares You For Custom-Fitted Bleach Trays

When you come in for a consultation at our Baton Rouge dentistry practice, Dr. Uzee or Dr. Daly takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Then, our office commissions a dental laboratory to make personalized molds from your teeth impressions. After about a week, we call you back in to pick up your molds and a professionally formulated hydrogen peroxide gel. We then give you detailed instructions to best help you self-administer the bleach trays at home over a predesignated period of time.

The At-Home Custom-Fitted Bleach Tray Process

To begin the custom-fitted bleach tray regimen, you first brush and floss your teeth. Then, you put a small amount of the bleach solution into the top and bottom trays. You carefully insert the trays into your mouth, and wear the trays for 1 hour once or twice per day, or according to Dr. Uzee's or Dr. Daly's individualized instructions. Then, you remove the trays, rinse them under lukewarm water, dry them, and put them back into their storage case until your next session.

Support From Our Baton Rouge Dentistry Practice Throughout Your Teeth Whitening Bleach Tray Process

All throughout your self-conducted, at-home bleach tray treatment, our Baton Rouge dentistry office is here to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns. Although Dr. Daly and Dr. Uzee explain the process in great detail during your consultation and follow-up visit, our office is still available to guide you during each step of the process.

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